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If you’ve been meaning to look for a fun and interesting hobby, then you should let our premium rug hooking kits pull you in. With an impressive assortment of colours, designs, and shapes, you’ll surely find the perfect rug making kit for your lovely home. 

Here at Craft Club, we are more than just another DIY textile store or cross stitch shop. Through convenient online means, we are able to fulfil our main mission: providing individuals with the right supplies and accessories to make stunning creations. The best part is that you don’t even need any experience in the world of latch rug hooking or cross stitching to use our products.

Whether you are a professional maker or someone who wants to discover this unique art form, Craft Club definitely has the solution for you. All of the kit options on our platform boast intricate layouts, yet the pattern and flow are always oh so easy to follow. Just read the instructions that come with every package, or you can also utilise our blog for tons of online resources. 

What are you waiting for? Shop at Craft Club and scroll through our rug hooking kit and cross stitch kit collections. Select a set that catches your attention and buy it as a thoughtful gift for a friend or as a new project for yourself.

What is rug hooking? 

Before you purchase our rug hooking kits online and create masterpieces on the canvas, it helps to understand what this type of art is all about first. Here are some specifics and applications of this fascinating hobby. 

The ins and outs of crafting a rug

Essentially, rug hooking (also commonly referred to as latch hooking) is the manual process of making a rug. As suggested by its name, a hook with a latch is used to pull the yarn from one side of the mesh canvas to the other. 

To better grasp the concept, just think of rug hooking as something similar to modern cross stitch sewing, but with materials that are much larger in size. Instead of using a needle with a thin piece of thread attached to the hoop, our rug hooking kits allow you to follow the print design by moving a hook latch back and forth. 

While this process takes time, you won’t notice the hours passing as the experience in itself is already part of the fun. After utilising the premium rug making tools at Craft Club, you’ll end up with a handmade product that is sure to last for many years. 

Showing off your creations

The rugs and mats you make using our latch rug hooking kits can be used for both decorative and functional purposes. For example, you can give your home an added punch of vibrance when you display your latch hook mats on your floor or maybe even on your wall and furniture. 

  • Floor. Just like traditional rugs, the final product you make from our rug making kits can be displayed on any floor surface. The back side of the canvas has some natural grip, but you can always add some extra rubber pads for more friction.
  • Wall. More than a standard rug, our products combine passion and creativity together. The creations you make are pieces of art and can certainly be placed on a wall for everyone to admire. Simply invest in some mounting clips and then hang your rug like a painting.
  • Furniture. Our rug hooking kits also double as latch hook cushion kits. This is because we provide you with high-quality yarn that leaves a velvety touch on your skin. Drape your work over couch cushions and chairs for a cosy feel all year round. 

  • Now that you know more about the offers at Craft Club, browse our online shop and start your next art project right away. Navigate through our listings, and exercise your creativity further by adding a cross stitch flower kit to your cart.

    How can I learn rug hooking? 

    With the help of Craft Club, learning rug hooking will be incredibly easy. All you have to do is buy one of our rug hooking kits and then follow the instructions below. 

    1. Start by unpacking all the rug-making supplies from our kit. Be sure to place the base canvas, latch hook, and pieces of yarn beside you for a smooth experience. 
    2. With your non-dominant hand, take one piece of yarn and fold it in half. Note that you should end up with a ‘U’ shape afterwards. 
    3. Pick up your latch hook and thread it in between the ‘U’ shape you just made. Then, push your latch hook through one of the mesh squares on the base canvas. 
    4. Once the top part of your hook is through, ensure that the latch is open. This part is important as the open latch is responsible for making the distinct knot. 
    5. Take the ‘U’ shape yarn and drag it over the open latch. Secure its position, and in one controlled motion, pull the hook away from the canvas to make a knot. 
    6. If the wool for latch hook rugs starts to frill, simply cut the protruding parts for a clean look. Additionally, just like with our cross stitching kit, you can always start over as we provide you with a bunch of extra yarn pieces to work with.

    Get comfortable and repeat the steps for every mesh square. Now that you know the basics of how to get started with rug hooking, it’s time to put your new skills to the test!

    If you want a close-up visual tutorial, search for Craft Club Co|Creative Kits on Youtube. Here, we’ll show you how to use our rug hooking kits through a short and easy-to-understand video. When you are finished with the entire process, you can also tag us on Instagram to show the community your work. 

    Shop online now at Craft Club and consider getting modern cross stitch kits along with your order of rug hooking kits. Pay with options like Afterpay and enjoy free shipping in Australia! 

    If you have any questions about rug hooking kits or cross stitching, you can email us:, or give us a call at +61 0412 133 992.

    Happy crafting!