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If you have ever taken up cross stitching as a hobby, then you probably know how fulfilling it is to visit a cross stitch shop. You gather all the materials you need, start crafting, and then feel so accomplished after finishing the project. Afterwards, you stop to admire your handiwork and go through the whole process again. 

If you’re stumped on what project to do next, you should browse through Craft Club for your next big idea. Here at Craft Club, we have an entire slew of fresh and cute designs that can be a unique piece to your collection. 

The best part is that you get the convenience of selecting from our modern cross stitch kits Australia collection, where everything’s already sorted out for you online. Then, when you’ve completed your cross stitch projects, you can take inspiration from the following ideas and see what you can do with your craft.

What to do once you’ve finished your cross stitch?

Frame it

Many people take up cross stitching after they’ve spent some time in a cross stitch shop or perhaps seen one of their friend’s creations. But after making their own masterpiece, not a lot frame their work. If you’re going to spend a lot of time on a piece of art, you might as well show it off and introduce others to the hobby.

Whether the cross stitching kit you chose has a flower pattern or a lettering pattern, know that you have a couple of choices when it comes to framing. Think about framing your art piece yourself or going to a professional framer who can do an incredible job. 

However, that’s not to say that your own DIY version won’t look amazing. Framing your cross stitch project yourself is relatively cheap and can even be a talking point when guests come over. It only takes a bit more effort to get it looking perfect, and you’ll also have more freedom to personalise your craft. 

For example, you can consider choosing a unique border design to match your home’s overall aesthetic and even attach some personal photos into the same frame. Whatever route you choose, you can exhibit your finished craft in any space at all, including your office or work area.

The fun kits from the Craft Club cross stitch shop can brighten up any room, so shop online now as these modern and unique kits may be the missing key to kicking up the wow factor in your interiors.

Sell it

From selling your work at Sunday markets all the way to making listings through online marketplaces, the possibilities are endless with cross stitching. Who knows, with your talent and skill as a needlecrafter, you might even make a name for yourself. 

By marketing your pieces, you recoup the cost of production and also possibly make a bit of profit. The only downside is that you’d have to part with your precious embroidered piece, but for many, that isn’t too much to ask for.

Store it

In contrast to other options, storing your finished product may seem counterintuitive as you won’t get to display your handiwork. However, if you plan to give your craft as an heirloom piece to your children or even grandchildren, then storing your embroidery will ensure that it’ll remain in pristine condition. In fact, your work will surely be even more eye-catching in the hyper-digitalised world of tomorrow. 

Make a quilt

People who frequent a cross stitch shop often have other hobbies such as sewing. If you are also skilled with a sewing machine, then you can pair this with your interest in cross stitching. As your first combination project, you can even make a quilt with pieces of padding and then use the cross stitch art you made as the centrepiece. 

Make a tablecloth

Another sewing project idea is tablecloth making. It’s very similar to designing a quilt, but it doesn’t require any stuffing. If you really want to showcase your creativity, you can make sure every seat at the table gets its own design. To make everything easier, you can buy our cross stitch kit bundles and have a better time allotting a design for each seat. 

Make cushion covers

While you can purchase hundreds of pre-made cushion covers, they often lack a personal touch. With a simple sewing job, you can transform any offer from our cross stitch shop into a fantastic cushion. All you have to do is add a backing piece of fabric and sew up all the sides. Afterwards, simply place a cushion in it, and you’ve created a beautiful and functional home decoration. 

Make a sewing case

Go full circle and make a sewing case for all the extra materials you got from our modern cross stitch kits. Just use your finished project as the outer layer and either sew or fasten it onto the base of a small, plain bag. Depending on the dimensions of the case you chose, you may need to cut up some of the base fabric’s edges for a secure fit.

Make a cleaning cloth for your glasses

If you’re someone who rocks shiny specs, then you can definitely use your final project as a cleaning cloth. At our cross stitch shop, we provide you with kits that have a base fabric made out of Aida (100% cotton), which can be used to remove some of the dust and fingerprints off your glasses. Just keep in mind that to keep this fabric clean, you’ll need to give it a gentle wash every once in a while. 

Make mug or pot coasters 

After buying and completing one of our cross stitch kits Melbourne or any other similar offer, you can use the final product as a coaster or pot holder. You can either place the fabric on small wooden slabs or cover it with heat-resistant epoxy resin for a clear coat finish. 

Where can I get cross stitching kits near me?

Do you need a little push to get started on a creative hobby? Need a bit of inspiration? Crafty kits from the Craft Club cross stitch shop will give you the kick you need. We provide you with the convenience of online shopping to get started on your craft in no time.

Craft Club’s cross stitching kits are simple and easy to follow. We want to make sure that beginner crafters can start and finish one of our modern projects in no time. Our cross stitching kits come with everything you need to get started. It will include fabric, coloured strands, wooden hoops, needles, and detailed instructions. Enjoy our online cross stitch shop and get started with your very own craft kit today.

You can even scroll through our latch rug hooking kits and explore a similar fulfilling hobby. Get inspired and shop confidently knowing that every Craft Club kit comes with free Australian shipping. Additionally, we back up all our kits with a 30-day guarantee, so in case you change your mind, you can send them back. No questions asked.

If you have any questions, send us an email:, or give us a call at +61 0412 133 992.

Happy crafting!