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Choosing the best cross stitch kit is a matter of making a good match between your current skills and the complexity of the pattern you want to embroider. You can choose kits designed for beginners, intermediate stitchers, and complicated projects intended for experts.

Most cross-stitch kits Australia come with a photo of the completed project. It will also include an easy to follow chart, fabric, floss, and a needle. Aside from the kit, you might also need an embroidery hoop. Craft club cross stitch kits in Australia have everything you need to get started and finish a project successfully. Their fresh and modern cross stitch kit designs can be quickly completed and hung on your wall.

How to choose the right cross stitch kit?

If you are just beginning with the craft of cross stitching, look for a kit for beginners. It will help you master the skills required to tackle more complex designs. Cross stitch kits Australia for beginners include basic supplies and only a few colours. The coloured chart has symbols that can be easily read. Cross stitch kits in Australia from Craft Club feature fun and quirky designs that can be quickly completed in no time. Purchasing a kit from Craft Club means you don’t have to do the tedious process of purchasing materials separately.

If you are already an expert level cross stitch enthusiast, opt for counted cross stitch featuring a more complicated design or image. Since you already know how to make perfect stitches, you can stitch advanced patterns with confidence. But similar to novice stitchers, it is recommended you still purchase kits. They come with all the floss and fabric you need. Buying individual skeins can get costly, especially if you require a lot of colours. Most cross stitch kits in Australia are sold in stores will have standard charts and suit the needs of pro-level stitchers. It is only a matter of selecting a design that you like.

What are your basic cross stitch supplies for beginners?


If you are just starting in cross-stitching, the best fabric option is a light-coloured Aida cloth.

The Aida fabric that comes with your cross stitch kit is a gridded fabric cotton characterised by its count. The smaller the number, the larger the stitches. Therefore, there will be fewer stitches in the one-inch grid. A 6 count Aida is best for children to start learning cross-stitch. But for adults, there are 14 count Aida to get started on. Other commonly used cross stitch fabrics are evenweave and linen.


Embroidery thread is often referred to as floss, particularly in the US. It is made from 100% Egyptian cotton. It has a wide range of colours. One of the most popular suppliers of floss is DMC. Their skeins are super lustrous and silky, making them wonderful to work with. The threads are colourfast and will neither shrink nor run in the wash if you’re careful with them.


The most crucial thing about embroidery scissors is they are extremely tiny and have a sharp point. It makes them ideal in undoing stitches and snipping threads. There are numerous kinds of vintage scissors and unique designs to choose from.

Embroidery hoop

The material for embroidery hoops can be plastic or wood. A wooden hoop of excellent quality is a great choice to get started. These are available from as small as 4-inch size right up to a massive 18 inches and even 19 inches.


If you are just starting in cross-stitching, opt for simple instructions and designs. Whole stitches are easy. Back stitching, for some, is more pro-level. A good pattern will include a colourised chart for you to know which thread to stitch and where.

Where can I buy a cross stitch kit online?

Do you need a little push to get started on a creative hobby? Need a bit of inspiration? Crafty kits from Craft Club will give you the kick you need. We provide you with the convenience of online shopping to get started on your craft in no time.

Every Craft Club cross stitch kit is simple and easy to follow. We want to make sure that beginner crafters can start and finish one of our modern projects in no time. The cross-stitching kit will come with everything you need to get started. It will include fabric, coloured strands, wooden hoops, needles and detailed instructions. Get started with your very own craft kit today and beat lockdown boredom.

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Every craft club kit comes with free shipping across Australia. We back your kits with a 30-day guarantee. If you change your mind, you can send it back. No questions asked.

If you have any questions, send us an email or a message to reach out! Please email us:, or give us a call at +61 0412 133 992.

Happy crafting!