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FLOWER PATCH Moss Coaster Kit

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Fluffy, floral and fabulous. You've been asking for texture and we're happy to deliver!

Please welcome our FLOWER PATCH Moss Coaster Kit. Bring the garden inside with this adorable kit. We've designed this coaster to look like a miniature cottage garden with beautiful florals.

Not only are our coaster kits practical but they're also a sculptural masterpiece! 

Our kits includes a HUGE amount of supplies, with all tools and multiple yarn included. Yarn types included in this kit are milk yarn, feather yarn and bobble yarn all in multiple colours.

This kit uses multiple weaving and crafting techniques. It's perfect for absolute beginners as it comes with full video tutorials for each technique, however it's also great for seasoned latch-hookers wanting to try something new.

Final coaster measures approx. 19cm x 18cm 

Inside Your Kit

Our moss kits are packed with value!

These bumper DIY kits include:


⭐ Latch-hooking canvas base

Felt backing

Feather yarn in 3+ colours

Milk yarn in 4+ colours

Bobble yarn in variegated green

Cotton thread in white


⭐ Pom pom scissors

⭐ Small latch-hook (different tool from our other kits)

Weaving needle

Marker for transfer

⭐ Steel sewing needle

Glue spatula


⭐ Online instructions and video tutorials

⭐ Pattern template

Additional materials:

Our kits come with everything needed to sew the coaster backing on, but you may want to use fabric glue or hot glue if you have it handy.

You may also want to use sharp craft scissors for cutting your base. Our XL Gold Rug Trimming Scissors are perfect for this kind of project. You can find them here.


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New to Craft?

Are you a total newbie? No problem!

Here at Craft Club our mission is to make creativity as accessible as possible to all. Our DIY kits that are super easy to pick up - even if you've never done a single crafty thing in your life (or at least not since primary school)! 

Our coaster kits are incredibly easy and we provide a full guide with detailed video tutorials for every technique included.

This kit is perfect if you're a newbie and want to try something crafty!

Perfect for Gifting!

Give the gift that gives twice!

Not only will your loved ones have a gorgeous craft kit to open on Christmas day, but they will also be given hours of creativity and enjoyment as well.

Our latch hook kits have been designed to have the perfect balance of creativity and engagement. Making them an ideal mindful activity to get you away from your screen and using your hands.

  • Get creative!

    Get creative!

    Our kits are the perfect creative activity to learn something new and keep your hands busy.

  • Easy (and Addictive) as Pie

    Easy (and Addictive) as Pie

    Our mossy kits are incredibly easy and include everything you need to complete your project.

  • Founder Support

    Founder Support

    If you struggle with your kit, Nakisah, our Founder, will give you a one on one Zoom workshop.

Customise your piece

Connect with your creativity and make it your own!

There's no rules with our mossy coaster kits!

We will teach you how to make your coaster look like our photos, however you'll be given the materials and techniques to make your piece uniquely yours.

Make your design your own by switching up the colours, using different yarns and changing the shape of your template.

The sky is the limit!

Are our moss kits suitable for begginers?

Yes! Our kits are perfect for beginners as they include everything you need to complete your kit, including loads of materials and tools.

They also include full video tutorials so that you can complete your mossy creation easily.

These kits are very crafty and creative, so they're perfect if you're new to craft and want to stretch your creative muscles.

If you're a seasoned stitcher, you'll still enjoy this kit as it includes lots of new techniques that you might not have seen before.

What is the difference between the moss kits and your latch-hooking kits?

Our new moss kit are quite different from our classic latch-hooking kits, but they're equally enjoyable.

Mossy Kits:

  • Focused on craft and creativity, meaning you can customise your coaster and make it unique to you.
  • Uses multiple weaving techniques rather than one latch-hooking technique.
  • Faster to create as it can be completed in 1-2 session easily.
  • Teaches you to stitch or glue the backing, rather than having it pre-stitched.

Latch-Hooking Kits:

  • Focused on mindfulness and relaxation, so its more suitable for watching TV in the background.
  • Uses one repeated technique rather than multiple weaving techniques.
  • Longer time to stitch as the project is much larger.
  • The backing is pre-sewn and the yarn is pre-cut for you making it easier to get started.

Both kits are equally easy and suitable for beginners. However it depends on the activity you'd like to do. If you'd like to get crafty and be more openly creative then I recommend our moss kits. If you'd rather focus on mindfulness and relaxation, try our latch-hooking kits instead.

Why are they more expensive than latch-hooking kits?

Our moss kits have a huge amount of supplies included! We've curated all the materials to be the highest quality available whilst still pricing it affordably for the large number of items included.

In order to create beautiful sculptural texture in these kits, we've sourced unique yarns that you won't find at your local craft store. These include:

  • Delicate milk yarn
  • Fluffy feather yarn
  • Unique veriegated bobble yarn
  • Soft chenille yarn (included in moss rug kit)

You'll also find more yarn and tools included in our mossy kits than our regular latch-hooking kits.

What techniques are included?

You'll learn the following techniques with our moss kits. Each technique will be included in the video tutorials provided.

For the moss coaster kits:

  • Transferring your pattern
  • Bobble yarn weaving
  • Making pom pom flowers
  • Pom pom flower variations
  • Weaving grass
  • Backing your coaster (sewing)
  • Backing your coaster (gluing)

For the moss rug kits:

  • Bobble yarn weaving
  • Latch-hooking grass
  • Looping moss
  • Making pom pom flowers
  • Pom pom flower variations
  • Weaving grass
  • Backing your rug (sewing)

How long does each project take to make?

Our moss kits are faster to create than our latch-hooking projects as they use different techniques.

Our moss coaster kits can easily be finished in 1-2 sessions. Between 2-4hrs depending on how fast you like to work.

Our moss rug kit can easily be finished in 2-4 sessions. Between 3-8hrs depending on how fast you like to work.