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Cross stitching is making a huge comeback among modern crafters, and as such, beginner cross stitch kits are becoming ever so popular. Learning how to cross stitch is super easy. You can get started in this hobby in no time with Craft Club. We have all sorts of offers, which feature fresh and modern designs any creative would love. Perfect for both the novice and expert stitcher, these bold coloured cross stitch projects can be hung on the wall and provide pop to any room.

How do I learn cross stitching?

Read across stitch charts

A cross stitch chart tells you where to stitch and what colour of thread to use. The marks on the cross stitch chart correspond to the grid created by the weave of the fabric. Every coloured square on the chart will represent a cross stitch. The combination of colours and symbols in the squares also tells you which floss to use, so utilise the chart legend to guide you through the symbols of floss colours.

Get started today with beginner cross stitch kits from Craft Club. They have everything to get started in this engaging hobby, and included in these modern cross stitch kits are easy-to-follow instructions as well as colourful charts to make sure you can understand every detail perfectly.

Prep your fabric

You can make a lettering or perhaps a flowers cross stitch pattern on several different fabrics. The most common cloths used for this type of embroidery are Aida and linen. Both of these are woven fabrics that serve as a great base for your design. However, before stitching, it is recommended to seal the edges, mainly if you are crafting a huge project that will require hours of handling.

Find your fabric centre

To find the centre of the fabric included in your beginner cross stitch kits, fold the fabric in half. Afterwards, fold the fabric again in half in the opposite way. Where the two creases meet will be your centre point. You can place a small pin in here or make a tiny stitch to make the mark permanent.

Use a hoop or frame

First, loosen the screw of the hoop and separate the two rounds. Then, place the hoop flat on a table and the fabric over the loop – all while making sure that the fabric centre is perpendicular to the centre of the hoop. Close it all up by placing the other hoop over the fabric. 

Next, flatten it to squeeze the fabric in between the hoops. Remember to gradually tug the fabric tight as you screw in the hoop. You should avoid pulling the fabric too tight or it will distort the fabric’s weave.

Prep your thread

When dealing with cross stitch kits Australia, you should choose the colour of floss you want to start with and cut it to a length of about 18 inches. If your thread is longer, it will likely get knotted when you begin stitching, especially if you pull out multiple strands at the same time. 

To separate two strands:

  • Hold the floss firmly with one hand and squeeze the end of one strand with the other.
  • Gently and slowly pull out the strand until it is separated from the other strands.
  • Only pull a single strand at a time.

Thread your needle

One of the first things you should do when you receive your beginner cross stitch kits is to thread your needle. Do this as you would for hand sewing, but do not make a knot on the tail. This is because you will be stitching over the tail as you work, so you will not need a knot. Additionally, using knots in cross stitching can create lumps that can distract the completed project.

Make a row of cross stitches

Similar to latch rug hooking kits, beginner cross stitch kits let you work on the thread from rows going left to right. For the best results, check the included stitching chart to figure out where you should begin stitching.

Start from the fabric’s back and then bring your needle up to a hole toward the front. Leave about an inch of thread at the back and cover the tail with your stitches as you embroider.

Next, pass your needle through a hole slantways across from where you began to make a diagonal half cross stitch.

Begin your next half cross stitch by bringing the needle back through the hole, under the one you previously used. But before pulling this stitch tight, flip your fabric over and make sure the stitch holds the thread.

Make individual cross stitches

In some areas of your designs,

Whether you bought beginner cross stitch kits with a cross stitch flower pattern or a picnic basket fruit pattern, know that it may be easier to make a complete cross stitch before moving on to the next stitch instead of working continuously in rows.

Cut your thread

Continue stitching until you reach the end of the thread or run out of stitches in your chart. On the back of the fabric, push the needle under at least three stitches to lock the thread. Trim the excess thread, but be careful not to snip it too close. 

Where can I get cross stitch kits for beginners?

Do you need a little push to get started on a creative hobby? Need a bit of inspiration? The modern cross stitch kits Australia line from Craft Club will give you the kick you need. We provide you with the convenience of online shopping to get started on your craft in no time.

Craft Club’s beginner cross stitch kits are simple and easy to follow. We want to make sure that those new to crafts can start and finish one of our modern projects in no time. Our beginner cross stitch kits come with everything you need to get started in this wonderful hobby. It will include fabric, coloured strands, wooden hoops, needles, and detailed instructions. 

So get started with your very own craft kit today and always have the means to beat boredom. You can even explore your creativity further and get inspired by our extensive rug making kit collection. 

Shop with confidence as every Craft Club kit comes with free shipping across Australia. We back your kits with a 30-day guarantee – which means that you can send back your order at any time if you change your mind.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to our professional customer support team. Please email us:, or give us a call at +61 0412 133 992.

Happy crafting!