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Brass Stork Scissors - Large

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Our Large Brass Stork Scissors are the perfect in-between scissors that will tackle both your rug making and embroidery projects equally well.

At 12cm long, they are large enough to trim the fluffy yarn on your rug. But their fine sharp blades also make them petite enough for snipping cotton thread in any needle craft project. If you do punch needling or weaving you'll also find this size useful!

This classic stork shape has a lot of history- originating in the 1800s they were originally a clamp tool used by midwives! Midwives would often sew in their spare time and the stork clamps would become mixed in with their sewing kits, later leading to the development of the stork embroidery scissors that we are familiar with today.

Next time you're using a pair of stork embroidery scissors - it's nice to remember that you're a part of a long history of creative women helping marginalised communities. How cool is that!

If you are a rug-lover, we recommend this size of scissors! If you only do smaller needle crafts (like cross stitch or embroidery) we recommend checking out our Gold Embroidery Scissors or Rainbow Stork Embroidery Scissors

Measurements - 12cm x 5cm


If you are ordering any accessories as an add-on, they will be packaged inside your kit.

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New to Craft?

Are you a total newbie? No problem!

Here at Craft Club our mission is to make creativity as accessible as possible to all. And we do this by offering DIY kits that are super easy to pick up - even if you've never done a single crafty thing in your life (or at least not since primary school)! 

Our rug kits require one easy skill to learn. And we provide very detailed instructions and a video tutorial on how to master it. Once you've practiced making a knot with your yarn - you'll be on your way!

Just repeat that knot a few hundred times and you'll have yourself a whole rug that you've created with your own bare hands. How amazing is that?! 🧶✨