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Latch Hook Cushion Guide

Welcome to our latch hook cushion guide!

If you're reading this that means you've purchased one of our new PRETTY PETALS Cushion Kits and I couldn't me more grateful for the support! These cushion kits have been a long time in the making, and it's only because of wonderful people like you that I could bring the dream of cushion kits to life.

If you've completed one of our rug kits before, then you'll probably be able to jump straight into your cushion with no problems. It uses the exact same latch-hooking technique but there are a few small differences which I'll get into below.


Latch Hooking Your Cushion

Below you'll find our handy latch-hooking video tutorial! This one uses our classic rug-making kits, but we have a cushion kit tutorial in the works this week and we'll have it uploaded very soon.

In the mean time though, this tutorial shows the exact technique to use when stitching your cushion.


Which Sections Do I Stitch First?

This is a common question and one that has an easy answer - it's up to you! 

If you're a beginner, I always recommend starting your practice knots in the centre of the piece as it's easier to get the hang of than along the edge. But once you're used to the technique, then it's best to start working from the top down.

Everyone has a different way they like to latch-hook, and you want to find the method that you find most satisfying. Some options could be:

  • Stitching in colour sections
  • Stitching in shapes/design sections
  • Working across each row, from left to right (like reading)
  • Working from top to bottom in chunks (my personal favourite)

TIP: It's easier to stitch new knots underneath the ones you've already created. So if you're stitching a specific shape or section, stitch the knots at the top first and then work your way down.


Stitching The Edges of Your Cushions

One thing that makes your cushion a bit different to a rug kit, is that it has more stitches along the edging of the piece - where the backing is sewn onto the latch-hooking canvas. 

The easiest way to stitch these is to leave them blank until you put the insert into your canvas.

Once the canvas insert is inside, this will stretch out the edges, so you can clearly see where there is space to keep stitching. Add any latch-hook knots into the spaces. You can do these across your horizontal bars as usual, but if you'd like to add more, you can also add them across the vertical bars at the top and bottom of your cushion to fill out the edge.

Stuffing Your Cushion

Before you start using your cushion, you'll need to stuff it with some kind of insert or padding!

Where Do I Get the Inserts?

From us! We sell polyfill inserts that are the perfect fit for our cushion kits. But you can also find them at other craft and homewares stores, such as Spotlight or Lincraft in Australia. 

You can use any material of inserts you prefer. We offer polyfill as they are a cruelty-free option that is high quality and affordable. But you can also use duck down or other materials if you have those insets handy.

Which Size of Insert?

For the ultimate fluffy cushion, you want to use an insert that is 1 size up from your cushion kit (approx. 5cm larger). You can also use an insert that is the same size of your cushion if you have one handy - it will just have a flatter appearance rather than a rounded, plush appearance.

Cushion Size Examples:

  • 35cm Cushion = 40cm Insert
  • 43cm Cushion = 50cm Insert
  • 50cm Cushion = 55cm Insert

Using Your Insert:

When you are adding your insert to the cushion, please be gentle with the zip and stitching on your kit. We use an 'invisible zip' on our cushions so that they look seamless and beautiful when finished. Whilst we do use high quality zips in our cushion kits, invisible zips are known for being more fragile than your classic larger toothed zipper, so it's important to be gentle when adding the insert.

TAKE CARE particularly when closing your zipper.



And you're done! Congratulations on finishing your own fluffy latch-hooked cushion. I hope you had a wonderful time creating your piece and that your #memade creation will have a happy home on your couch or bed!

Nakisah x

Craft Club's Founder