Embroidery Guides & Stitches

This page is your go-to for finding everything you need to completing any of our embroidery your kits!

Select your kit under our Embroidery Step-by-Step Guides to find your full instructions. These will tell you exactly the steps you need to complete your piece, as well as show you tutorials for each stitch.

Our handy Stitch Tutorials section is a complete library of all the stitches you'll need - plus more! It's a great place to go if you need a refresher on any particular stitches.

Embroidery Kit Step-By-Step Guides

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Embroidery Starter Pack

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Embroidery Guides & Stitches


Straight Stitch

This video from America Quilting is quick and to the point. Straight stitch is the foundation of all the embroidery you'll do and super simple to learn.


Back Stitch

Mary's video for Backstitch is handy as it shows two different ways to create this easy stitch. You'll use a backstitch frequently for outlines of shapes, so it's a great one to know!


Whipped Back Stitch

A whipped back stitch is such a fun stitch! It builds on a backstitch and is a simple way to create a smooth but textured stem shape. This video from Cutesy Craft is great because it shows how a whipped stitch can look either with the same colour or with a contrasting colour.


Satin Stitch

This video is also from Cutesy Craft and it's a simple and quick introduction to Satin Stitch. This stitch will be the bread and butter of your embroidery, especially if you're working on designs that 'fill in' many shapes. 


French Knot

French Knot's get a bad rap for being a difficult stitch. But they're actually quite easy to do if you know the tricks! This video from River Birch Thread's shows clearly the trick to making nice, neat French Knots. And shows you where you might go wrong.


Lazy Daisy

This simple clip from Cutesy Craft shows you exactly how to make a beautiful Lazy Daisy stitch as well as create a flower using your Lazy Daisies!


Long & Short Stitch

This video from LoveCrafts is great because it shows how you shouldn't overthink the Long & Short stitch. The trick is not to try and make it perfect - and it will look great!


Split Stitch

We love this split stitch tutorial from Penguin & Fish because it's super simple and straight to the point. This stitch is great for line-work, with a smooth but textured effect.


Stem Stitch

Cutesy Craft's video about stem stitch is great! Like it's name suggests, it's a fantastic stitch for creating the stems of flowers and other beautiful textured lines.


Backstitch Filler

Cutesy Craft's video explains how you can fill in shapes like lettering with the simple backstitch. This is a great filler stitch because you're already familiar with how it works! And it creates a neat fill even if it's not perfect.