Christmas Stocking Guides

 Inside your Christmas Kit:

 Here's a quick guide to everything you'll find inside your Christmas Stocking kit! You'll also receive a PDF copy of your initials pattern with your purchase.


Transferring Your Initial:

You'll find detailed instructions on exactly how to transfer your initial from your PDF pattern onto your stocking! Our guide is super detailed because it's always better to over-explain than under-explain.


Getting Started with Latch Hooking:

Use this tutorial to learn how to latch-hook your stocking. We recommend starting at the top of your stocking and working your way down. It's always easier working down as it prevents the previous knots from getting in the way while you work.

We’ve tried to be as detailed as possible in the video. The concept of latch hooking is super visual and sometimes hard to explain in words, so we always recommend watching videos to understand how to stitch.