Top 5 Cross Stitch Trends for 2021

Top 5 Cross Stitch Trends for 2021 - Craft Club Co

Cross-stitching has been of great help for many people throughout the hard lockdown months, for its soothing mental and physical powers. We don’t know about you, but it certainly helped us take our minds off the pandemic. With everything that was going on in the world in 2020, we found some peace in the art of making beautiful designs out of little ‘x’s - also known as cross-stitch. 

So looking back at the previous year, we have to admit it has truly left its mark on 2021 too. For all you crafters out there who are looking to explore new cross stitch ideas, we’ve prepared this blog post with the cross stitch trends for 2021. 

Try them out and send us photos of your artwork!

Pretty lettering cross stitch

Decorative lettering is one of the most popular cross stitch trends for 2021. The diversity of available fonts leaves plenty of space for originality. So many different lettering choices allow you to play around with ideas, personalize your cross stitch designs, and express yourself. 

You even have the possibility to design your own font online, with plenty of websites and generators at your disposal.

Our Goddess Gang cross stitch kit is perfect for you if you want to explore this cross stitch trend and dive into decorative lettering right now.

Coloured backgrounds

Aida fabric is the gold standard of cross-stitching. But in 2021, more and more cross-stitchers are trying to experiment with their designs. One of the ways to bring your cross stitch to another level is to use coloured fabrics instead of the typical white ones. 

The coloured background can give a nice twist to the entire image, making your piece of art stand out from the crowd. Consider choosing black fabric for your light thread colours to achieve a blasting and eye-catching contrast.

Nature-inspired patterns

Natural, earth tones are huge in 2021. No surprise there! Another huge cross-stitch trend is nature-inspired patterns. Animals, flowers, insects, you name it! Anything that reminds you of the soothing powers of nature belongs on your cross-stitch. For example, our BLOOM cross stitch kit evokes those pleasant feelings of being surrounded by flowers and nature so it could be a great choice for you this year.

Funny and meme-like designs

Modern cross-stitching patterns reflect the era we live in. That’s why it’s nothing strange to see funny designs becoming one of the rising cross-stitch trends for 2021. Everyone loves to hear a joke! Adding a touch of humour to your cross stitch collection is a great way to level up your game. Who knows, you might even inspire others around you to also take up cross-stitching as a hobby?

Empowering cross stitch

For the past couple of years, people from different backgrounds have been fighting for their rights. We’re here for it! And cross-stitch trends follow along, which is why one of the biggest ideas in 2021 is to create empowering designs to show support. 

Ready to try some of these trends? Check out our Cross Stitch Store where you’ll find everything you need to become a master of cross-stitching in 2021. 

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