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Get all 3x of our new GET YOUR SWIRL ON Latch Hook Cushions and with a juicy discount!

Our PRETTY PETALS TRIO Cushion Bundle includes:

  • GET YOUR SWIRL ON - GREEN Cushion Latch-Hooking Kit
  • GET YOUR SWIRL ON - LILAC Cushion Latch-Hooking Kit
  • GET YOUR SWIRL ON - MOCHA Cushion Latch-Hooking Kit
  • Gold Rug Trimming Scissors

Measurements: Each cushion is 43cm x 43cm in size, and is made to fit a 50cm cushion insert.

NOTE: This bundle does not include 3x cushion inserts, you can find a discounted insert trio bundle available on our bundles page.

    Inside Your Kit

    Each kit includes:

    ⭐ Detailed and clear instructions

    ⭐ Premium wooden latch hook

    ⭐ Professionally-backed cushion canvas with printed design & zipper pre-stitched

    ⭐ Pre-cut yarn in each colour (plus loads extra for practice)

    You'll also need scissors while completing your rug. We recommend using medium sized scissors that are nice and sharp so you get clean cuts on your yarn!

    ✂️ You can use any scissors you are comfortable with, but we recommend our 'Rug Trimming Scissors' as they are the perfect size for working on your rug! They are extra sharp and made of high quality steel.


    Craft Club offers flat rate shipping of $8.95 for all kits sent in Australia. Spend over $120 and get free regular shipping!

    Want it sooner? 📦 We have express shipping available for $14.95.

    All NZ orders have flat rate shipping of $9.95 NZD for Regular Shipping and $14.95 NZD for Express Shipping.

    Live overseas? ✈️ We ship worldwide:

    UK & Europe Flat Rate: Visit our UK store here.

    US Flat Rate: Visit our US store here.

    Rest of World: $29.95 AUD for Regular Shipping and $49.95 for Express Shipping

    Do I Need Anything Else?

    The only other piece of equipment you will need is a pair of scissors.

    These can be any kind of scissors - as long as they snip! 

    ✂️ We love and recommend our 'Rug Trimming Scissors' as they are the perfect size for trimming latch hook projects! They are not too big (like kitchen scissors) and not too small (like embroidery scissors) - making them just right for shaggy creations. 

    They're also extra sharp and made of high quality steel, so will last you many years into your crafting journey.


    The gift that gives twice! Our cushion kits are not only a gorgeous piece for your home but you are giving the gift of experience as well.

    Our latch hook kits have been designed to have the perfect balance of creativity and engagement. Making them the an ideal mindful activity to get you away from your screen and using your hands.

    They only involve learning one technique, so once you've mastered it you're free to create your rug at your own pace. By pre-printing the pattern we've freed up your attention - why not listen to an audiobook or watch your favorite series? You can take time for yourself in your own way.

    • Switch Off & Stitch Instead!

      Switch Off & Stitch Instead!

      Our kits are the perfect mindfulness activity to keep your hands busy in front of a good movie.

    • Easy (and Addictive) as Pie

      Easy (and Addictive) as Pie

      Latch hooking is incredibly easy. You only need to learn a single knot to complete our kit.

    • Founder Support

      Founder Support

      If you struggle with your kit, Nakisah, our Founder, will give you a one on one Zoom workshop.

    What is Latch Hooking?

    The Perfect Activity Whilst You're Watching Netflix!

    Latch-hooking is a super simple technique that allows you to create your gorgeous cushion with affordable materials.

    You're simply learning how to make a knot with your latch hook, then repeating the same simple action with each colour section you need.

    Craft Club Co PICK OF THE BUNCH - BRIGHT Latch Hook Cushion Kit


    All the hard stuff done for you!

    Our cushion kits come with the backing and pre-stitched. Meaning that you can focus on the fun parts!

    When you've finished latch-hooking your cushion, simply stuff it with the matching cushion insert (we sell those too) and it's ready to go.

    Is Latch Hooking Hard?

    No! And we really mean it. Latch-hooking is a super simple technique that allows you to create gorgeous shaggy bags or rugs with affordable materials. You're simply learning how to make a knot with your latch hook, then repeating the same simple action with each colour section you need. Our kits include pre-printed canvas meaning that you don't need any complicated patterns. All you need is your kit and you've got everything you need to create a masterpiece!

    What are the benefits of latch hooking?

    Aside from being totally addictive, latch hooking is a fantastic tool for mindfulness. If you've ever tried meditation and found it too hard to focus, this activity is for you. It's keeps you engaged whilst helping keep your hands busy. This makes it perfect for doing it while you watch your favourite show or listen to a podcast, helping you to avoid distractions like scrolling on your phone. Crafting is a proven way to help with stress or anxious feelings. Latch hooking is a simple technique which makes it a really accessible craft to learn even if you've never done anything creative before.

    What if I struggle with the kit?

    Our kits are designed to be easy. They come with pre-printed backing that you can easily follow and simple instructions. We also provide a video tutorial if you prefer to watch and stitch along!

    Finally, if you really struggle, the Founder of Craft Club will personally give you a 30 minute class via Zoom.

    How accessible are Craft Club's kits?

    It’s very low impact on your hands if you’re pacing yourself. I struggle with grip often and even on my weaker days I was still able to do it, just a little slower but still able. The hook tool thing was really comfortable too. Like I said, the extra pieces were a life saver! I always get anxious with other kits knowing that if I lose something (which I do often because memory problems) that it’s just money down the drain but about 1/3 of the way in I knew I’d have plenty. Your designs are also so cool. Latch hooking has been something I’ve wanted to do for a while but the available kits were a bit…old lady…which is fine, but not for me! The packing was also super cute. It’s really easy to figure out and the fact that there’s a little room for error due to the nature of the wool and layout it’s okay if you make a mistake here and there.