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How to use this guide

Depending on your Crochet Experience

💗 Crochet Newbie: If you're new to this craft, we recommend you go through this guide from top to bottom. Start off with our two practice videos: Foundational Stitches and Amigurumi Techniques. These two videos will teach you everything you need to know about the basics, ensuring that you have a great time when you start working on your crochet kit.

💗 Comfy Crocheter: If you've crocheted before and you're comfortable with the most common stitches (ch, sc, hdc, dc, magic rings) then you're probably ready to dive straight into the project. You can skip the intro videos and go straight to the meat of the guide.

💗 Crochet Pro: If you're an absolute pro and then you probably don't need our guide at all! If you want to save time, you can download the PDF pattern below and get straight into your project.

Craft Club Co Strawberry Pot DIY | Crochet Pot Plant Kit

Inside Your Kit

Your pack comes with everything you need to complete 3x embroidery pieces. Including:

⭐ 3x colours of milk yarn - in yellow, dark green and dark brown

⭐ Double sided crochet hook - in 2.5mm and 2.3mm sizes

⭐ Polyfill stuffing for filling your finished sunflower

⭐ Wires for stem and leaves

⭐ Paper and plastic for wrapping your 'bouquet'

⭐ Metallic ribbon

You'll also need these simple additional tools to complete your bouquet:

⭐ Scissors

⭐ Hot glue gun

Craft Club Co Strawberry Pot DIY | Crochet Pot Plant Kit

Download Your Pattern

Click the button below to download your PDF pattern for this kit. This can be used either as support with the digital guide, or if you're a crochet pro you can complete your kit only using this guide.

Download Pattern

Crochet Terminology

This kit uses US terminology. Scroll across to see the full list of pattern terms.

  • ch - Chain Stitch
  • sc - Single Crochet
  • hdc - Half Double Crochet
  • dc - Double Crochet
  • tc - Treble Crochet
  • sl st - Slip Stitch
  • inc - Increase
  • dec - Decrease
  • FLO - Front Loop Only
  • BLO - Back Loop Only
  • x - Repeat this step as instructed
  • turn - Turn your work
  • * y * - Stitch the steps inside the asterisks into one stitch
  • ( y ) - Repeat the steps inside the brackets
  • [ y ] - Total stitches in the row/round
Craft Club Co Strawberry Pot DIY | Crochet Pot Plant Kit

What you'll need to make

These are the elements you'll be making for this kit. You may have enough materials to make extra elements, depending on how much yarn you use practicing.

⭐ 1x Light Brown Pot (with optional decoration)

⭐ 1x Dark Brown Soil

⭐ 3x Strawberries

⭐ 3x Strawberry Calyxs

⭐ 4x Smaller Leaves

⭐ 4x Larger Leaves

⭐ 4x White Flower Petals

⭐ 4x Yellow Flower Middles

How to Crochet

If you're a crochet newbie, it's worth watching these two videos to learn the basics of crochet.

Strawberry Pot: Step-By-Step Crochet Guide

Below you'll find each of the steps to making your Strawberry Pot. We recommend downloading the PDF pattern so that you can read it alongside watching the video guides.

Step-By-Step Video Guide

Sometimes learning visually is easier than reading instructions, so if you're new to crochet then we recommend you watch our full video guide on making your Strawberry Pot.

Our full guide is pretty long since it takes you through every detail of your crochet kit. So please use the timestamps listed in the video description if you need to jump ahead to a specific section.


1. Light Brown Pot

The first step in creating your sunflower is making the light brown pot. You'll be working this in the round and using a range of techniques from increases, BLO/FLO and double crochets! 

2. Dark Brown Soil

Next you'll be stitching the patch of brown soil that will go in your pot. You'll notice that the pattern is actually the same as the base of your pot, so this will make it more familiar and quicker to stitch up.

3. Strawberries

Now for the fun part! Its time to stitch your strawberries. These are small pieces that can be stitched up relatively quickly. You'll be stitching three strawberries in red, pink and cream and stuffing them with polyfill. You'll then be adding the seeds on the outside in your choice of colours.

4. Strawberry Calyx

Now its time to stitch the calyx of your strawberries - aka the little green leaves on top of the berry. Stitch three of these to go on the top of each of your berries.

5. Smaller Leaves

Now its time to stitch the leaves! Your leaves are is stitched onto a wire, which will allow you to move your leaf around and position it how you would like. This can take a getting used to if you're new to crochet, as it can feel a bit fiddly to hold. Its best to stitch slowly and steadily when crocheting onto wire.

You'll also notice that we've split the pattern for Round 1 into three sections:

  1. The first half of the leaf
  2. The tip of the leaf
  3. The second half of the leaf

We've done this because its an easier way for a crochet newbie to visualise the shape of the leaf. If the pattern is all listed in one round, it can also look overwhelming for someone learning.

If you're really not enjoying the wire, you can simply stitch your leaf without it! You can then hot glue the wire to the back later.

You're going to stitch four smaller leaves.

6. Larger Leaves

Your larger leaf is stitched in exactly the same way as the previous step - just using a slightly different pattern. Remember to go slow and steady when stitching into the wire!

You're going to stitch four larger leaves.

7. White Flower Petals & Yellow Middles

Your last element to stitch four little white and yellow flowers. These flowers are made up of two pieces, your white petals and the yellow middles.

8. Assembling your pot 

Now that all your elements are ready, its time to assemble! We recommend you watch the assembly videos as it can often be easier to understand visually.

Make sure you weave in all your ends before you start.

Assembling the Strawberry and Flower Stems:

  1. Using the thicker wire included in your kit, you're going to attach the wires to your strawberry and small flowers to create stems. For the strawberries, push the wire into the top and glue in place, then slide the calyx leaf down the wire and secure. You can use your weaving needle and some green yarn to pin down the leaves of the calyx if you would like them to stay flat.
  2. To attach your flowers, create a bend in the thicker wire and thread it through the top of your flower, twisting under to secure. Use hot glue to attach the middle of the flower on top.

Assembling the Leaves:

  1. Once your strawberry/flower stems are done, you'll be adding leaves to these stems. Your leaves can be added to any stem or strawberry you like.
  2. To add your leaves you'll wrap the leaf wire around the main strawberry/flower stem, use the wire to adjust the angle and length of the leaves.
  3. When you're happy with the arrangement of your stems its time to wrap the lengths in your sage green yarn. Use a dab of hot glue to secure the yarn under the main piece on the stem (eg. the leaf/strawberry/flower) and start twisting the yarn around and around. It can often be easier to move the stem around whilst holding the yarn still.
  4. Complete this for all of your stems.

Assembling the Pot:

  1. To arrange your stems into the pot, you're going to bundle them together and push them through the middle hole of the dark brown soil. Take some time to adjust the arrangement of your stems until you're happy.
  2. Bend the bottom of your stems outwards so that your stems sit nicely in the pot without poking the base. Start stuffing the pot with your polyfill stuffing - this will help keep your stems stable.
  3. When you’re happy with the final position of your stems, you’ll use your weaving needle to stitch the edge of your soil closed. Stuff as you go to ensure your pot is packed with fluff!

And thats all there is to it! You've finished your Strawberry Pot crochet kit.

Craft Club Co Strawberry Pot DIY | Crochet Pot Plant Kit

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