5 Reasons Why Cross Stitching is Easier Than Embroidery

5 Reasons Why Cross Stitching is Easier Than Embroidery - Craft Club Co

Wondering what the difference between cross stitching and embroidery is? Not sure which of these two to pick as your new hobby? Is embroidery harder or easier than other forms of needlework? We have some answers for you!

If you’re new to embroidery art, it might be tricky to wrap your head around all the different types of needlecrafts. While it’s true that embroidery is the oldest form of needlework, there are other types to consider taking on, especially if you’re a beginner. One of them is cross-stitching. For all of those wondering what’s harder, cross-stitching or embroidery, the bottom line is:

Cross stitching is definitely easier than embroidery. And here are five reasons why.

Cross stitching uses the basic x-shaped stitch

First of all, cross-stitching is great for beginners because it’s easy to learn. Rather than learning different stitch methods to get started in embroidery, cross-stitching only requires the basic x-shaped stitch. It’s actually a type of counted embroidery that uses little crosses to create a tiled design. This brings us to our next point.

It uses an easy-to-follow tiled pattern

Another reason why cross-stitching is easier than embroidery is that it uses a tiled pattern that you can refer to. The pre-planned designs usually follow a coloured pattern, making cross-stitching ideal for beginners such as yourself. Only by referring to the pre-made pattern, you can easily create a piece of art on fabric all by yourself.

Cross-stitching is done on woven fabrics with pre-made holes

Cross stitch kits for beginners come with woven fabrics like Aida that have a pre-made system of holes to guide you throughout the process. These pre-made holes will show you where the coloured thread should go.

You only need two or three strands of thread per project

In both cross-stitching and embroidery, you use embroidery thread. The difference is in the amount you need per project. As opposed to embroidery art, you only need two or three out of the six in total strands of thread per cross-stitch project, making it much easier and less complex.

It’s a good starting point for embroidery

More experienced crafters like to say that cross-stitching is the entry point to embroidery in general. Don’t get us wrong, it demands practice and constant work to reach a certain level in cross-stitching as well. But although every craft requires practice, cross-stitching is recommended for beginners at needlework. It’s easy to get started with, as long as you have all the necessary materials.

In need of cross-stitch equipment? Look no further!

Cross Club's cross-stitching kits are simple and easy to use. We wanted to make sure that any beginner could start, and finish, one of our modern designs. Our cross stitch kits come with everything you need to get started, including Aida, coloured thread, a bamboo hoop, a needle, and detailed instructions. with your very own cross stitch kit today and join the club!

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